World Design Capital 2024


The City of Life concept presents us with a unique opportunity to super-brand all 21 cities of the San Diego / Tijuana region as the Cities of Life / Ciudades de Vida. Such a broad-based branding would dovetail perfectly with our region having been just awarded the title of “World Design Capital 2024”. Likewise, this is our golden opportunity to leave behind an impactful regional legacy that surpasses the high-bar legacy set by the Panama-California Exposition of 1915.

The Cities of Life / Ciudades de Vida super-branding will create a powerful global-beacon for the San Diego / Tijuana region that will be unlike any other in the world. Though uniquely inclusive of everyone and everything in our region, it will also help solidify the perception (and reality) of our region as a major “life sciences” mecca.

This super-branding effort will be voluntary to all of our region’s 21 cities…each city can decide to actively participate or not…or join in later…the choice is theirs. Bottom line, this endeavor is intended to benefit all 21 cities (and all citizens) of the San Diego / Tijuana region. And it is easy and inexpensive to implement.

Furthermore, with a targeted public art campaign (needing only a few cans of white paint or vinyl wrap) on the San Diego-Coronado Bay Bridge, we can cement a global-architectural-beacon that will become synonymous with the San Diego / Tijuana region in perpetuity. Think about the Eiffel Tower with respect to Paris. Think about the Hollywood sign with respect to Los Angeles. The article, Let’s Brand San Diego and Tijuana as World ‘Cities of Life’ in 2024, describes this effort in detail.

Cities of Life
Ciudades de Vida
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