Why the City of Life? (12 Bullet Points)

The City of Life identifier is perfect for San Diego because it:

  1. Projects a global brand and message that will enable San Diego to live up to its full potential.
  2. Embraces a theme brilliant marketing minds around the world are embracing – Life. (Note the new Milk Life and Coca-Cola Life.)
  3. Broadcasts San Diego’s global leadership in the Life Sciences, one of the most sought after industries in the world. (At the same time remaining inclusive and applicable to all of San Diego’s people, cultures, industries, and professions.)
  4. Highlights San Diego’s Life is Innovation state-of-mind.
  5. Illuminates “life”, the magic word for promoting San Diego’s world-class healthcare institutions. (Who wouldn’t want to seek medical treatment and cures in a place known as the City of Life?)
  6. Has bilingual versatility (Ciudad de Vida) that exponentially expands San Diego’s business and cultural opportunities in Mexico, Central America, and South America – a marketplace of 600 million people.
  7. Radiates a sporty-feel that will appeal to sporting enthusiasts around the globe – increasing San Diego’s curb-appeal to Super Bowls, Olympics, World Cups, America’s Cups, et al.
  8. Is a uniquely uplifting and positive message – exactly what appeals to people, especially when going on vacation. San Diego’s tourism industry will be a prime beneficiary.
  9. Showcases San Diego as the birthplace of life for modern day California.
  10. Honors San Diego’s vast U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps bases that are in the business of defending life, as well as our way of life.
  11. Emphasizes San Diego’s bio-diversity (bio=life) and commitment to all land-life and sea-life.
  12. Underscores a city teeming with life and a joie de vivre – joy of living.
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