About the City of Life

Successful businesses understand the importance of branding and marketing themselves. However, few cities seem to understand or embrace this – as such, most lack an identifying brand that truly projects on the global stage. For the most part, cities ignore the importance of long-term branding and instead embrace inconsistent, throw away ad-campaigns seeking short-term tourism. Is this the winning strategy Coca-Cola (Enjoy), Apple (Think Different), Nike (Just Do It), Las Vegas (Sin City + What Happens Here, Stays Here), and New York City (The Big Apple + I NY) employed to achieve their successes?

How a city presents itself is critically important in order to draw outsiders to do business – whether that business be tourism, life sciences, high-tech, education, banking, manufacturing, agriculture, or other. Every city should be projecting a compelling and consistent image of itself to the world; doing so will enhance a city’s economic interests, appeal as a tourist destination, sense of self and city pride, and ability to serve its citizens.

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