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San Diego
Ciudad de Vida
San Diego is the strategic gateway to life in Mexico, Central America, and South America – a marketplace of 600 million people.
San Diego – Life Science Capital of the World In the Garden of Life Rhythms of Life Desert Life Life Incredible Life – More Than Just a Cereal Where Life is Innovation Life Liquified San Diego – Craft Beer Capital of the Universe Life Well Played Life Sails Baby Playing in the Key of Life Defending Life San Diego is Naval Aviation's Birthplace of Life Defending Our Way of Life Life Roars Life is but a Dream Flight to Life Life Delicious To Life! ¡A La Vida! L'Chaim!

City of Life is a community-inspired effort to embrace a global brand and message for San Diego.  New York City is globally recognized as The Big Apple + I NY, Las Vegas as Sin City + What Happens Here Stays Here, and Paris as City of Light.  As one of the world’s most compelling all-around cities, why doesn’t San Diego have a comparable world-class brand and message?  With your help, we intend to change this with City of Life.

“City of Life is San Diego’s DNA – it defines the essence of what San Diego is, and what San Diego aspires to be.”

Malin Burnham

“City of Life is fantastic, it is the perfect answer for San Diego.”

David “El Toro” Nuffer

Legendary PR Executive and Civic Leader, 1932-2011

“City of Life, along with the graphics you have designed, encompasses all that is San Diego. With our beautiful year-round weather and close proximity to the beaches, mountains and deserts, it would be a fitting slogan. That being said, I endorse the idea of City of Life and hope the rest of the City will as well.”

Senator Toni Atkins

Senate President pro Tempore

Speaker of the California State Assembly (2014-2016)

San Diego City Councilmember (2000-2008) and Acting Mayor (2005)




“Something about the word ‘life’ electrified me,” he wrote in his memoir. “It is one of a very few things that every single person experiences, so the market, to put it simply, was literally everyone on Earth!”

Reuben Klamer

Creator of The Game of Life
The Game of Life has sold an estimated 70 million copies in 59 countries and was inducted into the permanent Archives of Family Life at the Smithsonian Institution in 1981.

“In San Diego, we live LIFE bigger and better than anywhere else in the world. The reasons are three-fold: First, we are blessed with the best year-round weather in the world, bar none. Second, we are situated in one of the most unique, diverse, and extraordinary geographic locations in the world…70 miles of breathtaking beaches along the Pacific Ocean, vast bays and harbors, mountains, valleys, rivers, deserts, neighboring Mexico, and on and on. Third, and most important, is the mindset of our people…a mindset that directly evolved from our weather and geography. Simply put, San Diegans embrace LIFE as having unlimited possibilities and opportunities…where we can quite literally do anything, anytime of the year. CITY OF LIFE perfectly defines who and what we are.”


Civic Leader & Native San Diegan