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City of Life is a community-inspired effort to embrace a global brand and message for San Diego.  New York City is globally recognized as The Big Apple + I NY, Las Vegas as Sin City + What Happens Here Stays Here, and Paris as City of Light.  As one of the world’s most compelling all-around cities, why doesn’t San Diego have a comparable world-class brand and message?  With your help, we intend to change this with City of Life.

“City of Life is San Diego’s DNA – it defines the essence of what San Diego is, and what San Diego aspires to be.”

Malin Burnham

“City of Life is fantastic, it is the perfect answer for San Diego.”

David “El Toro“ Nuffer

Legendary PR Executive and Civic Leader, 1932-2011

“City of Life, along with the graphics you have designed, encompasses all that is San Diego. With our beautiful year-round weather and close proximity to the beaches, mountains and deserts, it would be a fitting slogan. That being said, I endorse the idea of City of Life and hope the rest of the City will as well.”

Toni Atkins

Speaker of the California State Assembly (2014-2016)

San Diego City Councilmember (2000-2008) and Acting Mayor (2005)

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